Vehicle and Fleet Graphics

At Commex, our experienced and professional installation staff work cohesively with our designers to create vehicle and fleet graphics that help your business spread its message and take advantage of branding opportunities in your community.

Whether you’re a Fortune 500 company, or a small business with a handful of employees, it’s important to design a marketing budget that takes advantage of cost-effective advertising. Vehicle and Fleet graphics are an amazing way to improve the appearance of your fleet while doubling as an easy and affordable avenue for advertising.

Visually creative and made of the highest quality, our graphics and wraps are designed to last, and they’ll also protect your fleet from the general wear and tear of the road. A billboard advertisement is a static image and will cost you money every month it’s displayed. Whereas, a well-designed fleet graphic can turn your business’s vehicles into ‘versatile billboards’ that cost incredibly little to maintain, and work even while you’re not.