Wall treatments

Understanding that the environment around you can have profound effects on both your mood and behaviour, our experienced sign-writers and designers use their skills in wallpapering, painting, and traditional hand lettering brushwork to help bring your brand to life. As a workplace you want your staff to feel proud and your clients to feel excited. Wall treatments help do this by making a space more attractive to the eye. Often, we also use these kinds of wall treatments to create a greater emphasis on installed signage, via using contrasting or complementary images, colours etc.

Wall treatments add a wonderful touch of life to any workplace or home and stimulate our senses dynamically to change the way we feel, as well as giving our eyes a guiding hand to notice subtle branding cues.

Wall Treatments: Wall Paper, Cut Out Lettering, 3D Letters & Shapes, Reception Signage, Painting, Traditional Hand Lettering, Brush Work